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About Me

I've created this blog to display some of my beautiful photographs and newest creations in gift design.

My name is Amber Sweda and I'm a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful boys.  I grew up loving photography and learned a lot from watching my father, who is also a photographer.  I took a class in college but didn't really start getting into it until my first son was born in 2008.  I wanted to document every moment of his life and really began to love the art.  I like to take a photojournalistic approach to my photography, capturing special moments and telling a story!  I absolutely love taking pictures of my boys and look forward to exploring my artistic talent and creative photography skills even more! I've been taking pictures for family and friends and really enjoy photographing babies and children. To capture their innocence is just pure joy! I would love to continue to learn more about photography and see where this passion will take me.